Developmental Stages:

18 - 36 month olds

Developmental stages allow parents and caregivers the ability to see where their children’s development lies within a given range. However, it is important to remember that children are all unique and develop at different rates. Therefore, one child may be a little slower at developing one particular skill, but quicker at developing another.

Our Academy curriculum will cover skills within the 18-36 month old developmental range.  Please note that not all children will be able to accomplish all of the activities, skills, etc. that we have planned. So, please use your best judgment and monitor and adjust. Remember - practice makes perfect!

The following are the skills upon which we will work throughout this school year. They are based upon the Developmental Stages of 18-36 month olds as described by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Language Development The children will... •Learn up to 200 words •Put words into short sentences •Understand most sentences •Name almost all common objects and pictures •Listen to short stories, finger plays, songs, and nursery rhymes •Begin to use words to express their feelings •Follow 2-3 step directions •State name, age, and sex •Be understood by strangers

Self-help Development The children will... •Wash their hands independently •Work on learning to dress themselves •Feed themselves with appropriate utensils •Learn to self serve and pass food at meal time •Begin to pour drinks •Make choices about what they want to do/play

Social/Emotional The children will... •Imitate adults and peers •Take turns •Begin to share toys, books, etc. •Play make-believe •Show affection to well known people •Express emotions

Cognitive Development The children will... •Match a real object to an object in a book •Play make-believe •Sort objects by color and shape •Understand the concepts of “1” and “2” •Complete simple puzzles •Name some colors and shapes

Motor Skills - Fine Motor The children will... •Make vertical, horizontal, and circular strokes with a pencil or crayon •Build a block tower using at least 6 blocks •Hold a pencil or crayon correctly •Turn pages in a book •Screw and unscrew jar lids, nuts, and bolts •Use thongs to pick up things

Motor Skills - Gross Motor The children will... •Walk up and down stairs, alternating feet •Kick a ball •Throw a ball • Climb •Ride a tricycle