Private Intervention Plan (PIP)

 Parents help to develop a Private Intervention Plan  when their child is enrolled in the Academy.  The PIP identifies your child's strengths, needs, and the objectives for your child.  This plan is reviewed at the beginning of each semester and revised as needed. The PIP cannot be implemented without the caregiver’s written consent.


Progress Notes

 After each class session parents are informed about their child’s functioning in the classroom. In addition,  quarterly summaries will be written that summarize the progress your child is making on the objectives selected at the beginning of the semester.  In order to monitor the child’s progress, the teachers use masking tape to record behaviors.  At the end of the semester parents receive a final progress report.



 Formal assessments of your child's communication and developmental skills are completed during the first semester that your child is enrolled in our academy. You will receive a written summary of the test results.  Testing is repeated each year to assess your child's development. 

 Parents are an essential component of all of our assessment process.  Parents know their children best, and your input is important to our assessment and programming for your child.


Team Meetings

Twice a year (October and May) a team meeting (parent conference) is held to discuss a student’s progress. Additionally, quarterly consult meetings are held that can support a student’s needs. Parents/guardians receive quarterly updates on their student’s PIP and curriculum progress. The quarterly reports come home in the following months: October, December, March and May.

Please see below the specifics for each of these meetings: October Team Meeting (Parent Conference) The team meeting in October consists of the parent, classroom teacher, administrator and therapists (as scheduling permits.) During this meeting we discuss the overall progress of the student in all areas. May Team Meeting (Parent Conference) The team meeting in May consists of the parent, classroom teacher, administrator and therapists (as scheduling permits.) During this meeting we discuss the overall school year, the upcoming school year, and student’s placement, along with any other specific questions or concerns the parent/guardian(s) may have.

Consult Teams Meetings Quarterly we hold a meeting that includes teachers, therapists, support professionals and administrators to discuss classroom needs and collaborate on how to best serve each student in the classroom.

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